We Produce The Best Chicken

The Better Choice for Your Health and the Environment

Real Organic Chicken, From A – Z

Fed with FREE from antibiotic and hormone along with underground mineral water treated with 13 types of high Nano technology water filtration system, generating more than 60 types of highly beneficial minerals.

Enriched with Omega 3, 6 & 9

Delima Organic Chicken will shield our children of sinus, allergic and even consumable by those with severe eczema symptom.

Free from Antibiotic, Vaccines & Chemicals

Overuse of antibiotics in food-producing animals caused the increase in resistant bacteria (superbugs), and if passed to humans can cause serious illness.


Total Halal Poultry Solution Service

Delima Emas Sdn. Bhd. (DESB) is a Total Halal Poultry Solution Service provider established in Malaysia that focuses on delivering only the best and shariah compliance poultry solutions throughout the country.

DESB dedicated in ensuring every chain of the poultry process beginning from farming until the final product stage is highly quality assured and in line with the shariah standards.

organic chicken delima emas

Delima HQ & Halal Mart

The Better Choice for Your Health and the Environment

Delima HQ, 2 unit of double storey building located at No. 20 & 21, Jalan Dahlia 6/3, Nilai Impian, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan comprise of management office, Halal mart, conference room, freezer and coldroom. Delima Fresh Chicken Mart (DFCM) undergo strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures. DFCM product focus can be categorized into 3 main category in which:

Fresh Chicken

Frozen Chicken

Processed Food

organic chicken delima emas

Our Product Range

We take pride in our products, which are the best in their class


Herbal Supplements for Our Chicken

NON-ANIMAL based Secret formula for chicken feed additives from herbs such as olive leaf, turmeric, Arabic gum, multivitamin, multi-mineral and other for our Organic Chicken grows healthier.




DELIMA Micronutrient


DELIMA Growth Regulator


DELIMA Metabooster

organic chicken delima emas

What Makes Us The Best Choice?

Superior quality food and free from any element of syubhah

Organic Farm

With the idea of “Farm in the Garden” concept we shall cultivate conducive working environment and a pleasant place to be.

Organic Feedmill

The feedmill plant was built to ensure chicken
given the superior quality food and free from any element of syubhah.

Water Treatment System

DESB has innovated Nano Technology Water
Treatment System to enrich our chicks.

Processing Plant

Complete equipment for cutting & deboning, production of further process product, packaging and cold storage.

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What Our Clients Say
About Our Products?

Rasa ayam yang enak lagi-lagi bila masak sup ayam kegemaran anak-anak, terasa manis isi ayam tu. Family saya suka sangat! Setiap kali datang Nilai, WAJIB singgah Delima Mart dan beli borong untuk stok di rumah.

Untuk ayam 100% organik, harganya sangat berpatutan. Sangat recommended untuk semua!  

Iza Hari

35, Dietitian, Kuala Lumpur

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Our Experience

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Our Professional Team

We Produce The Best Products

Dato’ Muhammed Saleh bin Abdul Malek

Executive Chairman

Ustaz Ikmal Zaidi

Advisor – Syariah (Muamalat)

Dr Zaharuddin Abd Rahman

Adivisor – Syariah (Commercial)

Haji Zulkefli Bin Hamat

Advisor – Syariah (Economy)

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